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I'm Ari Engel and am also known as BodogAri online. I've played poker for a living for virtually my entire post-college life. In the last few years I have started teaching people my style and philosophy on poker tournaments. Many of them have done very well. If you are interested in getting my help, email:

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Vegas is cool

so far, but honestly havent been to the strip yet. Weather is nice, and i've been playing a bit online outside. (First time having wireless, great invention) Next event I play is the 2K Omaha Hi/Lo on Monday.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First Wsop of the year

didn't go too well. Started off real good, when I got put a weak tight table and played aggresively early.

A couple of key hands early:

I got k8 hearts, and after a min raise and a bunch of callers, i call out of the big blind. The flop comes 975 with 2 hearts, and the SB checks, I check, the original raiser checks, and a shortstack bets 40% of his stack, I then reraise an amount that puts him all in. It folds to him, and he folds.

I have q4 hearts, and again there is a min raiser with a couple of callers. I come along for the ride too, and the flop is 875 with 2 hearts. I check, and then the original raiser bets and someone calls from the button, I then reraise an amount pot commiting myself, and I take down the pot without a showdown when they fold.

It gets folded to me on the cutoff and I raise the 25-50 blinds to 150 with a6. Only the BB calls, and we see a flop of j62, it goes check check, and the turn is another 6. The BB bets 300, and I make it 900 to go, she quickly calls. The river is an ace, and she bets 500, and I reraise an amount that puts her all in, she thinks for a while and folds.

I am eventually up to 6700 and end the first break at 5800. I then proceed to donk it all off, and am at home before the end of level 2. Damn, another day hopefully.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Series Of Poker

Event #2 is on Tuesday, and I'll be playing, hope I can have a big sunday today in prep.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ship It!

In my mind, I'm gone to Carolina- great James Taylor song. In real life , I'm off to Vegas today. Brooklyn, its been nice knowing u.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

5th Sucks

Yesterday in the afternoon 30R on Dise, and today in the 100R on Stars.

Made a costly move reraising the UTG raiser who had tripled the blinds, and was 4/5 in chips. (I was 3/5) It got folded to me in the BB and I raised an amount that essentially put him all in, he quick called with aa, and I didn't get lucky. Next hand it gets folded to me in the SB, and I tap with kq and lose to a6 in the BB.

Hoping for a strong exit from Brooklyn. (My tournament poker birthplace) Only 2 more days left.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

No Poker Sunday

One of my old roomates, (one of 4 from my year after high school in Israel-we all still keep in touch) will be getting married in Baltimore, so I'm driving (ie: sitting in the passenger seat) out there with a friend. First time I'll be missing all the big sunday tourneys in a while.

Craaaaazy, good luck all, they're all yours today.

Here's what I'll be missing (w/o any withdrawal symptoms obv):

130pm: PokerShare $100 Entry, 25K guar.
2pm: Bodog $100, 100K
2pm: PokerRoom 300, 80K
3pm: Dise 30R, 40K
430pm: Party, 200, 1M
43o: Stars, 200, 1M
5: Ultimate Bet, 200, 200K
5: Paradise, 200, 150K
6: Full Tilt 200, 200K
615: Stars 200
730: Stars 100R
9: Dise 30R, 100K
930: Full Tilt 200 Horse, 20K

I almost feel like I played them, that was theraputic (sp?).

Friday, June 16, 2006


real deep in the 1400 person 10R, but couldn't close it, and finished 3rd. Played preety well, although a little too timidly at times, but these tourneys are made for first. The crazy thing was this daily tournament rarely sees 1 top player make the final table, and ours had 4. One might think that would lead to some crazy hyper aggresive play, but the game was played preety tight, and I never really took much advantage. Anyways, tommorow's a new day, maybe a win in sight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Concious of a Conservative

I strongly supported President Bush's election in both 2000 and 2004. (2004 was my first voting year ever.) I am proud to be a conservative, and I support most of the same stances shared by conservative politicians and voters alike.

I believe (that all other things held equal) the less government involvement in American's daily lives the better. The government does have obligations to help protect its citizens including but not limited too establishing a police force, army and general security infastructure.

The government is not there too to "improve" the lives of the average citizen! That is not their job, and frankly, the average 65 year old WASP senator has no idea what "improving" my life means.

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - If 2 gay people want to get married, go right ahead, if that's what makes them happy. If 2 consenting adults reach a business deal, go right ahead, if that's what makes both of u happy. And lastly, if 2 (or 2 million) consenting adults want to play poker online, why the #&*% is our government (set up to protect our right to "pursue happiness") trying to stop us?

I really hope this is all one big joke. We are in the middle of a global war against a fierce enemy, who will stop at nothing to inflict any harm on us. Our borders security system is a joke. I haven't formed an opinion on the illegal immigration issues of the day, but the fact that millions of people have successfully entered our country, and we have no idea who/where they are, does not reflect well on an administration that touts its security credentials so highly.

There will be midterm elections in 2006, it is time for massive reforms in our system. Government has grown way too large. How many people know that their is an entire industry in Washington, that bribes congressman and senators, to take our money. The mainstream media likes to call them lobbyists. It is so fustrating that I have to put in double as many hours to live in the USA as I would if I lived in a low-tax country. And then they go and use MY (yes tax dollars are our money) to build railroads and bridges in towns in Alaska and Mississippi that connect towns of dozens of people.

This is not a conservative/liberal or democrat/republican issue. We all need to make it clear that our government has grown too large, and we will no longer accept these kinds of ridiculous behaviours by our legislators. The current "Goodlatte" bill is just one more straw. Mr Goodlatte it seems, feels that my daily activities of sitting in front of a computer, grinding away a living, working hard, making good decisions, being rewarded for risktaking, etc... is soo un-American, and pro-terrorist that I ought to quit my job, and go join a welfare line. In this way, I'd just be an added vote to the large government party known as the republocrats.

Tommorow (Thursday) P5's will be hosting a "call/write your rep. day". I beg all of you to do anything in your power to save our great "sport?" (and by sport, I mean no physical activity games)

If in the past, you have been inclined to vote for a big-government candidate, I ask that you please reconsider your beliefs prior to the 2006 mid-term elections. For the future of this great country, we need to dramatically (and I mean like 50%- it is huge- the budget is not readable). Only when the government returns to its core responsibilities will notorious ideas like getting involved in the Terry Schiavo case, proposing constitutiounal amendments to ban gay marriage each 4 years, and banning one of the most capitalistic games-online poker, return to the obsucrity that they belong.

Please vote small government, and tell your reps to get back to business and leave our business -poker, alone.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


a good night. Final tabled a small 150 on paradise, but got 8'th there, and then took 2nd in the big 150 on stars. (Also, won a small $50 on Sunpoker earlier.) Played the tightest I ever have in both of them, but of course had to have things break my way a number of times. I'm still trying to strike the right balance, particularly when it comes short handed. In cash games in the past, I've been basically hyper-aggressive short, but that was almost all in Limit. (I used to play NL cash too, but it was always ring games ie: 9 or 10 handed)

When I first started tourneys, I took the same hyper-aggresive style short handed, but it hasnt done me much good, unless I'm a huge chipleader, which is an entirely different story. Well, basically I'd end up bleading tons of chips, because people would keep reraising me all in and I'd fold my garbage. Since then I've tightened up quite a bit, but feel like I'm playing too tight. Anyways, late, and I'm not sure where this is going, any tips on short-handed play in tourneys appreciated. TY

Sunday, June 11, 2006


was alright, nothing special, kinda getting sick of this, but I know I just gotta keep playing solid poker, and hopefully I'll receive the breaks neccesary to have some major scores. Cashed in a couple of tourneys, bubbled in a few more, busted early in a few, busted in the middle of some, and came out on top but not much. Bottom line is, I've still got work to do.

Leaving to Vegas for the summer in a couple of weeks.

Had a

decent evening, finishing 3rd in the late night 100R. Not particularly newsworthy, but had alot of solid competition (throughout the tourney) and I was forced to play much tighter than I otherwise would have liked. Redsoxsox (notice any trends with these 100R's) had the chiplead almost throughout, and used also seemed to be playing tighter than he normally would have. All in all, it was one of the few times that I wasn't so mad getting deep and not winning. I sucked out a few times earlier, and definately did not deserve to get as far as I did.

Makes up for bubbling the party 200K, where 120 paid, and I finished in 129 after aj lost to a9 all in pre-flop. Just in general, party players can drive a sane person to question his sanity, and without a long term view, it is very diffucult to succeed there.

I thought it was preety funny, when a railer in the 100R said, "ari folded on the button when he got folded to him-first time ever, must have been a misclick." It really was true, I'm preety sure I've never played that tight in a Stars tourney before, and I liked the results, so watch out all, no more 73 all in from me.

Hoping for a big Sunday.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Party 100

well, the good is news is that I made the final table, I was decent stack, when the following occured: A guy who had been moving in alot, was short, now medium, pushes again but from early position. I'm in mid position, and decide to repush with aj soooted, a tiny stack also calls with JJ and is doing very well against both myself and the original raiser's a10. I figure the side pot is all mine but a river 10 destroys that dream. I'm now left with 2X BB, and fold one time, and then I'm UTG+1, and go all in with 108 sooted, the BB (A 10 guy) calls with a8, but a board of qj4a9 comes, and i double up. But still tiny.

Blinds are 8-16K and i have 37K, im UGT +!, and make it 33333 with j9, next guy insta calls, but then the button reraises allin, and I obv call, but the other guy folds. I'm hoping for ak, but he flips qq, and after a q on the flop, I figure I'm dead. But alas, I hit running cards to a flush and double up. I'm sitting 7/8 when it gets folded to me, I auto push with 33, and the big stack BB calls with aq, the board comes with 2 pair, and i'm out in 8. Oh well, next time.

The ups and downs

of even a normal day are just so crazy. But, I'm grinding along trying to not get too high or too low. Had a bad start to the day, only cashed in one afternoon tourney and it wasnt a good one. At night, I went deep in a Stars 100, and was chip leader going into the final table. But lost a whole bunch of pots, and went out in 5 or 6.

I'm still alive in the midnight 100 on Party, there's 23/432 left, and I have 72K in chips (Ave=56K). Got tranquillo sitting to my right, and I'm preety sure he does very well on Party, so I'll try picking up some ideas. In the last few weeks, I've finally been going deep in party with some regularity, but I have, I think 3 finishes in the teens. It really sucks to get that far, and miss out on the real money that comes with a top 3 spot, but starts going up significantly at the final table.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stars Morning 100

So we arrive at the bubble, and I'm slowing builind my stack, down to 20 players (18) pay, and I'm probably 5 or 6'th in chips, when the button raises triple the 300-600 blinds, i'm in the BB, and make it 4200 to go. He flat calls. On a flop of aq2, I quickly go allin, and even more quicker get called by AA. Got trapped bad, but I had him covered. I have approx 2300, so not much fold equity, but it is possible at the right time, that they if I go all in I will get a fold, (that is basically my only way of surviving.) Well, I can't find a good spot, so I keep folding, and then I'm down to 1907 UTG (300-600 blinds). I have to go all in with any 2. Unfortunately, I get 82, (a little "trick" I've noticed, betting almost all, but not all your chips makes it look stronger) so I quickly triple the blinds, as if it's a standard UTG raise, (of course I only have 107 left behind in chips) somehow, they all fold, weeeeeeeeee. So i'm like 17/20 in chips, but of course still looking desperately to chip up at the right time. It gets folded to me on the button, and I have about 2200, again i do the 1800 thing, but this time I have 88, the BB, (a very solid player- can't rem. who it was right now) quickly reraises the small amount I have left, which is clearly the right thing to do with his a7. I don't hold, and am out 20.

Went Deep

in both the Stars and Party 150's last night, but couldn't complete in either, and I busted in 20-40 range in both.

First time in a long time, I started pre-midday, in the 11am Stars 100 with 58/165 left, and i'm 9'th in chips.

I've been thinking a bit about who I'd like our next president to be, John McCain, Rudy, Hillary? ahhh, none of them seem good. So here goes, let's draft Phil Ivey for president. I'd love to see a President that believes in a government , that limits its reach in our personal lives, dramatically reduces both its intakes and outakes, and has a strong strategy for defending our country. Although, I have no idea whether Ivey actually believes in any of these principles, at least it'd be fun to watch Ahmadinejad try and tell Ivey that he has no dangerous intentions for his nuclear program.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Alma mater in the news

Someone does something useful with their NYU eduacation: link .


Had another solid day, winning a small 100R, 6'th in Stars 100. But, of course I'm disappointed. Basically, not a day goes by in MTT play, where u are not. Just a warning, it's very normal, and if you're competitive and want to win, its inevitable. The only problem is if u let it affect your play.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Look, the death of any person is a bad thing, particularly of soldiers, that have risked their lives to defend our freedoms. However, please people, lets put this in a little perspective. Lest I weaken a strong argument, I bring you Michael Barone: Link .

"The military struggle in Iraq (nearly 2,500 military deaths) is spoken of in as dire terms as Vietnam (58,219), Korea (54,246) or World War II (405,399). We bemoan the cruel injustice of $3 a gallon for gas in a country where three-quarters of people classified as poor have air conditioning and microwave ovens. We complain about a tide of immigration that is, per U.S. resident, running at one-third the rate of 99 years ago."

Yes it is easy to say this from the comfort of my basement. I want to commend all those that are right now putting themselves on the line for us. Also a holler at my brother, who is now doing his yearly army training as part of the army reserves program. He's the only person I know that left our upper-middle income sububran neighborhood of Chicago, to enlist in the army at 17. U are the man, Avner.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Party 300

Just finished 2nd in it, making a preety ridiculous call with bottom pair when we were about even stacked. All in all though, played relatively well. Got some nice stacks developing in the majors, but its still real early.

Stars TLB

I'm now 13 for the year there, and after winning Bodog's TLB last year, it would def. be cool to win Stars this year. But, I was looking up the DB's of the people ahead of me, and its remarkable, how little profit is required to be up there on the TLB board.

Stars is rewarding tons of playing with mediocre results, not really a shock, as they make their money from people playing alot. Just thought it was interesting.

Just a regular sunday today, hope to make it a six-figure sunday later...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Out at UB

real quick, mid position with mid stack min raises, I feel he is weak, huge stack flat calls. I am on the button with a4 soooooted, the BB has KK, and everyone else folds to his repush. I don't get lucky, out 14. Always tommorow...

Made the Final Table

@ stars, but was the first one out, when the big stack, who had basically been raising every time it got folded to him,(had been w/ him for a while) raised it triple the blinds, and I pushed all in from the small blind with an average stack with qk, he insta called with 99 and I didn't get lucky.

In UB, it was up and down, and I lost a nice stack on the bubble, and came into the money with a short stack. After a limper, I decided to make a play for the blinds, raising in late position 4X the BB with 108, he unfortunately called, but I figured, that I'd almost for sure take it down on the flop. The flop was 10, 5, 4, but he had 44, so all of a sudden I went from short to tiny stack. Had less than 3X BB in my stack. I folded 2 or 3 times, and then was UTG +1, when utg min raised, I pushed in the rest (for a less than 1BB raise, needless to say he was pot commited) with my ak, and it held against his a9 soooted. I then proceeded to go allin about 40% of hands, until I got AA in late position, a short stack went all in with a9, and I reraised and held. I am now 11/14, but with the UB structure, am not desperate. Of course, I am going for first, so I'm not gonna be shy making any moves.

Had a

bad start to the night, but since then things have improved. I'm now deep in both the Stars 50, where theres 20/501 left, and im sitting 4/20 in chips. Had a huge suckout on the bubble that I posted on p5's, where I bet with 45, got raised from the BB, and pushed him allin, he called with ak, but I hit 2 pair to knock him out 3 from money.

Also, in the UB 100, where theres 30/111 left, and i'm in 5/30.

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