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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Individual Rights and Victimless Crimes

So, how did we get to the point, where congress is seriously interested in using their limited legislative time, to make certain kinds of online gambling illegal? I believe it began long before the internet was even around. Yes, we can thank one of our "legendary" presidents FDR. (Yes, the same FDR, who couldn't find it in himself to bomb the tracks to aushwitz...)

FDR, in his unsuccesful attempts to limit the effects of the great depression, instituted many ideas that are at the heart of a welfare state. While in a free society, a person is allowed to do what they want in their pursuit of llh (life, liberty, happiness) FDR believed that the government could do a better job of protecting its people, than they could do alone.

Today, we witness the culmination of the FDR effect. Last week, I walked into the local pharmacy to buy some dayquil for my cold. I went to pay, and was shocked to be told, that I couldn't buy dayquil. You see, the government now believes, that cold medicine is something that can be abused. (I am not saying they are wrong, but the fact is, their beliefs make it the law now.) In the end, it took 2 ID's, and a call to the manager, to convince the cashier that I was indeed over 18. After all that, they asked me to write and sign my name, on their (Meth-watchlist?) sheet. I wonder how many other "GFY" 's have bought dayquil?

If you truly believe that the government does not belong in our everyday lives, maybe its time to send a message to congress, and only vote "small-government"-ers. Clearly, this is not a repub/demo issue. The government has taken too much power from us. I liked the way Mike from Michigan, aka ArtieCat put it, I'm sick of victimless crimes.

Congress is being funded by us, and yet they are saying, that we are so weak, we need their protection? Get out of here, lets see how you guys do without our tax money. Leave us alone, or go get another job!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm now a supernova on Stars, which means that I have played alot this year. (Doesn't say anything about profitablility, although I can assure all my "fan's" out there, that I am having no trouble paying for Kosher Delight deliveries, jk BDA's fan, its all in good fun)

I'm gonna be travelling more (homeless for a while), going down to australia and NZ, but otherwise not quite sure when, what or where. I'll definately still be playing but not the same hours that I have in the past.

The other night, I'm up @ my brothers house in Binghamton NY, and I'm railing the Landlord (as in my former landlord, who goes by that screen name on most major sites) deep in the Party 40k, after I busted from my nightly tournies. He gets into the money with an above average stack when the internet goes down in the entire city. He ends up on the phone with a relative who is not very advanced poker-wise. The conversation that ensues was very interesting, and I think that this is an exercise that can produce alot of benefit.

Most good poker players base alot of their decisions on "feel", and the questions that you ask when you can't see the table allows you to focus in on things that get overlooked when you have everything in front of you. (Alot of you's, its late, and its been a long time since i was in school and had to do things grammatically and all, please excuse) I highly reccomend doing this at least once, and then thinking about the kind of questions that you need answered to play effectively, even without the screen/table in front.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Damn George Bush...

Link : So the Europeans are invading the privacy of their own citizens, allowing them to be fired for smoking, even if they only do so at home. Must be Bush's fault...

I'm in S. Florida now, checking it out, and probably moving down here. Here's to a good Sunday, and bubbling 4-5 tournies today:)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trying to Bubble

One of my little mottos has always been, try to bubble, they won't let u, and you'll pick up alot of chips. The last 24 hours have been very succesful, in that I have bubbled 4 tourneys. (Within 5 people of $). Even though it is fustrating getting far in a tournament, and not showing any return, I believe that this is definately a long-run profitable strategy. Of course, like anything else in this game, alot depends on your table, situation etc. and but the general notion of trying to bubble has allowed me to get to many final tables in very good chip situations.

I will be leaving Vegas shortly, and although my wrist remains braceletless, I have had an enjoyable and educational experience. I have a long way to go, but this was definately a step in the right direction.