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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

WSOP 2009 (one time)

I've been looking forward to this world series for the last few weeks. I'm going to play more events this year than ever before, and I'm hoping for big things obviously. So far I busted the 1K, 1.5K Plo and 1.5K. A number of my students are playing WSOP events, I'm hoping we can get a few bracelets into the Ari's Training Center family this year to go along with the 5 WSOPC rings.

I loved seeing Tom McEvoy defeat Robert Varkoni in the made for TV freeroll. Should be epic TV watching... (No chance we'd want to watch a ft like the 5K PLO last year won by Phil Galfond instead).

The difference between a bracelet being bought and won as per the logic of the Harrahs Players advisory board:
I get a particular joy in knowing that no players can "buy a bracelet" this year. For example, last year a young Man Max Greenwood, purchased his bracelet in the 1K rebuy, by merely beating out 879 players. This year there are 147 players in the 2.5K 2-7 event a game that very few players have a chance at winning... makes sense to me. It definitely makes sense that there are no people from the younger generation involved in these decisions, the kids would definitely mess it up.

I've been very impressed with Pokernews' coverage of the series, I think that have improved big time. Of course when it comes to reporting from the WSOP there's a clear winner: TaoOfPoker .

Best of luck to everyone.