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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm against titles

Roundup of the summer, I went 0/7 at the WSOP, bubbling (w/in 5% of the field) 3 of them. The main event was a story of bad beats, as I got seated on day 3 (bubble day) to the right of a huged stack Owen Crowe, a top online player (Ocrowe), famously labeled as lacking a fold button. Additionally, I had Leo Wolpert (SuperflousMan) another top online player a couple to his left.
The other player of note at my table was a young asian player (yap)two to my right. Throughtout the day, it would fold to yap who'd open a ton. Ocrowe folded zero, i repeat zero(0) times during the first 3 levels of the day. This created an interesting dynamic, as eventually yap realized he wasnt gonna get away w/ much (playing ocrowe OOP isn't much fun) and started to shut down.

All this led me to a real bad spot. I couldn't open much w/ all these good aggro players to my left, and noone to my right (the other players were shortish playing tight, one or two were stalling etc) was opening light, leaving me with few opportunities to resteal. The best spot was most likely when I was Big blind, and Ocrowe raised UTG-that says a bunch. 666 paid, and as we got to less than 700 players Ocrowe and a short stack 3 to my right got into a verbal confrontation over the short stacks constant stalling. My bustout occured during this time, when it folded to yap on the button, i figured his range was literally any 2, as the SB was a tight shorter stack, and I was aggro but not too crazy, and it being the bubble and all etc. I didnt need to look at my cards as I decided this was way too good of a spot to pass up, but the q10 i saw was bonus equity for when I was wrong and got snapped off. Unfortunately, he beat me and my 28bb's into the pot, and I couldn't outrun KK. Definately hurts to bubble the ME, but I'm very confident my move was +EV...

I did manage one live cash in a Venetain 2500 (min cash- $3669) a tournament that my housemate, a former student who has become a MTT superstar, The Maven/The Yid took down for $206k. Obviously, huge congrats to him.

In online news, I made the money of the sunday million on Stars this week, but couldn't finish it off and I ended around 400th. With around 1000 people left in the tournament (shortly after making the money) I was seated at the same table as a well known very aggresive player (whose game I respect a ton) luckily though we were at opposite ends of the table. Unfortunately, that didnt stop a confrontation, as I opened AJ in utg+2 on his button and after he reppoped me, I figured I was good and for 22 blinds total I wasn't gonna get away. He showed me a big pair (either qq or kk) and I binked the Ace. The "poor guy" went off at me. Fair enough deep-ish (itm at least) of the million, I can understand it being fustrating etc. however when I looked back at the chat (ok who am i lying, i was following it all-not responding) 20 minutes later he was still going at it. This is a guy who plays 10k events semi regularly and has had a ton of success from tournament poker- the kids nowadays...:)

I played in the 2nd Borgata Deepstacks, but wasnt able to recreat the magic, and got in w/ a4 against 88 early in day 2. I'm a big fan of Borgata tournaments though, and I'll be back there next month for the WPT event. Not as sure about legends in LA next week, but it's possible.

As for the title, it speaks for itself, I'm not a fan of me having to come w/ a title whenever (even if they aren't very often) I make a blog.