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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Aussie Millions and the death of 07

I recently celebrated my 3 year "anniversary" of quitting my job to become a full time poker player. It got me thinking for a little... but then a table popped up and I went back to making the decision at hand (raise obviously:)

I'm heading down to Melbourne, Australia next week for the Aussie Millions. Last year a top online player, Gobboboy-Jimmy Fricke- took 2nd in the main event, and after labeling the field extremely weak, its seems like he's convinced half the online world to make the trip this year. Hopefully that doesn't change the composition of the field too much.

One of the prelim events there I'm really looking forward to. A pot limit holdem, PLO and PLO8 (with alternating levels). I like those kind of tournaments a lot, because although I'm not great at any of those games, I feel quite proficient in them all and that provides big advantages.

After about 6 months now of living in Las Vegas, I can say I really am enjoying the life here. I live about 20 minutes from the strip and only go there for poker tournaments. My area is nice, quiet and suburban, and just a slight improvement in looks over my place in Brooklyn.

After starting my career playing all the time, and getting in the huge amounts of volume necessary to improve a lot, I have been slowing down in recent times. I doubt I'll ever get back to the amount I was playing my first 2 years (but nor should I, it definitely wasn't a "healthy" amount) but I'm hoping to increase the number of tournaments I play in 08 vs 07, although a large amount of that depends on my online/live ratio. I don't really make goals, if I thought it was so important I probably would have done it already (or given my best effort). That said, I'd love to have my best year, during the upcoming one.