Bodog Ari

I'm Ari Engel and am also known as BodogAri online. I've played poker for a living for virtually my entire post-college life. In the last few years I have started teaching people my style and philosophy on poker tournaments. Many of them have done very well. If you are interested in getting my help, email:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

WPT's and Coaching

WPT at the Bike in LA didn't go as planned. I got to the 2nd day with an average stack, and after basically holding my own for half the day. I went for the big play (don't remember the exact details, but i got it in w/ a flush draw against a set on a A6X flop and bricked out). Looking back, I certainly could have played better, but I don't really mind my bustout hand.

Anyways, that's tournament poker, I could be playing like the best player in the world and I'll still bust more often than not. All I can focus on are the things in my control, namely decision making.

I'll be going to play the WPT at the Borgata in a couple of weeks. My only live tourney win (non-chop) was in Atlantic City, and I have the most experience playing live in AC, so I am confident and hopefully things will go well there.

I have decided to go into coaching/training poker. I have trained a couple of players, and they have all become excellent tournament players and are happy with their results. With this in mind, and a history of teaching in my blood (Both my parents were teachers for varying lengths of their careers.) I feel like it is a natural progression for me. If you would like more info on this subject, my email is: BodogAri-At-Gmail-dot-com.

This week is the Jewish new year, I wish all of you a happy and healthy year, and may G-d make this year better than last.