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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back in the USA

I'm still clueless as to the how bill will end up impacting us. Of course I'm hoping for the best, but I really don't see anything I/we can change what will happen. (It might be better or worse than we expect, but that will have nothing to do with our efforts.)

The major issue for me has to do with the long run profitability of the game. I was asked during my travels if I planned on playing poker forever. I answered at least for the forseeable future. I no longer believe that to be the case. (I really, really, really etc. hope I'm wrong)

I'm going to keep playing mtt's for the short term, but I'm also going to plan for the day when/if poker is no longer profitable for me. Here's hoping to that day not coming! I still remain angry/confused/bitter/sad/upset that there is so little we can do in a vibrant democracy such as ours. And yes, we are still far, far advanced compared to most countries in the governmental system department- thats what makes the above line soo true. If I were in Cuba, I'd almost expect this kind of thing, and here Italy, a Euro-quasi socialist country legalizes online poker, and the USA, supposed king of the free market, outlaws it.

During my month abroad, I played much less than normal, and while I was playing things were not going my way. In general, my results were sub par, but then the couple of times when I did go deep, I ended in bad situations. In the only Wcoop event that I cashed, 200R, I ended up blowing an above average stack, 3 betting all in with JJ, in a situation where looking back I wish I hadn't, the 2nd raiser had AA, and that was that. I then was deep in 3 tournaments, Titan 250K, Bodog sat to 10K seat, Bodog 25K, and in all 3 I was disconnected for significant portions of the time, while the blinds were high. Not alot of fun.

I hope everything works out well, although I can't say I'm too confident it will.


Blogger ReXwoo said...

"Italy, a Euro-quasi socialist country"

Uh ?

Also note that in France, ("a quasi communist country" from your point of view ??? lol) Poker has been open in some Casinos since last month (it is completly new here)

1:31 AM  
Blogger totimer said...

hey Ari why dont you think about stepping into some of the brick and mortar casinos

with some of your winnings im sure you could afford a little trip and i know in my city of the 5 soon to be six casinos there is a large absence of real expierience in our pocker rooms.

At the 1-2nl games you can normally get up to about 900 1100 in a good 6-10 hour session

i normally dont join my friends at the 5-5dl choice but they seem to do pretty well but

As well many of the small tournaments at the casinos 200 dollar buyin and 100 dollars are relatively easy to place in but the money drops from 1-5 are quite huge for the time that must be put in.

just something to think about

10:53 AM  
Blogger Lovehate said...

rexwoo - france is nothing but quasi musilm...

2:59 AM  
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