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Monday, September 25, 2006

New Year

Happy New Year! I hope this one will be a great one for all of you and myself.

Sunday was just about normal, played in most of the majors, got my money in ahead most of the time and lost, crazy game we play. I'm in New Zealand for another week or so, and then not quite sure whats up, but almost for sure, back to the great US of A.

I decided to sit down with a bunch of full tilt pro's playing omaha hi lo tonight, and somehow came out ahead. It's preety cool, because for them it's low stakes and for me high, and I think they made many plays to just get at each other, without caring if i happened to scoop a couple of pots.

I got disconnected from one of the Party Poker tourney's I was playing last Thursday night, and they claim nothing they can do, so I'm a little pissed at them, and probably will show it by playing less there. (I'm really into symbolic/meaningless forms of protest:)

I'm going to visit my sister in Israel in December or January, and I'm trying to win a satellite to somewhere in Europe to play there on the way. There's even a tourney called the Amsterdam Poker classic, that'd be preety cool I figure, although I'm a bankroll management person, so I'm only gonna go if I can satellite in.

Thanks to all that have said congrats at the tables to me, sometimes I'm playing 3-5 tables, and I'll miss the chat, or see it but not be able to respond. Don't take it personally obv.


Blogger traction said...

I find it interesting how Party never attributes a disconnect to themselves. All of my other sites continue running and Party goes out. They do their "investigation" and say everything was working on their end. My volume playing is way down on Party. I doubt they care as their owners were just listed in Top 400 richest. It's all on public shareholders now.

7:28 PM  
Blogger dukyboys said...

As much as I like Yom Kipur, I'm not looking forward to fasting. Happy New Year.

By the way, I was watching some live @ the bike and apparently you were on it a while ago, or is that someone else?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Yoilish said...

matzinu lecha makom lagur... makom yafeh ba'ezor.

2:48 AM  

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