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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 12 and my thoughts

Happy 22nd Bday to my brother and favorite soldier Avner.

To just pick up and leave our middle class Jewish suburb of Chicago in the middle of a war, and volunteer to join the army, is a sick act of courage, that few (if any) I have met have come close to matching. The fact that we can live the way we do, as we freely as we do, etc. is in large part to the efforts of soldiers throughout the years.

It was only a little more than 50 years ago, that American soldiers were rescuing Jewish people from the Nazi death camps. FDR (G-d curse his soul) didn't allow them to come sooner, and many (myself included obv) blame him indirectly for many more deaths than was neccesary.

When my brother went to Iraq, forgetting all the politics and other reasons for a sec, the fact that he was going as a Jewish soldier in American uniform to liberate an oppressed people from a murderous dictator, would have sent shivers down Hitlers (and many current day libs) spine.

Thank to all our soldiers, and have a great b-day bro.


Blogger Ben H said...

hey ari, i never knew avner was ur bro, he was my counselor at skokie ('kayitz') like a million yrs ago. plz send him my best, he's def. a brother you can be proud to have! peace man, enjoy the rest of ur trip

4:45 PM  
Blogger thelandlord said...

Happy birthday Avner


7:04 PM  

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