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Monday, May 14, 2007

Presidential elections

Before you turn around, the 2008 elections are gonna be here. There is nothing we can do about it, every 4 years we hold elections. Now, the fact that elections are held does not mean that reasonable candidates will be put in place in time. As it turns, the front-runner Hillary Clinton is an opportunistic power driven person, who during her co-presidency (93-95) managed to infuriate half the country with her extreme-leftist initiatives. (In recent years, she has taken steps to moderate her positions.)

As a social moderate/small government proponent/keep taxes low etc. person, naturally a Republican candidate will be closer to my positions. On the other hand, I refuse to vote for anyone that supports/ed the Internet gambling legislation. This excludes many of the so called "conservatives" as they in general like to pander to the Christian coalition (and groups like that) and will not want to be seen as pro-gambling- i mean anti family.

Candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani leave some room for hope, but their positions are not clearly staked out. They both have impressive resumes, Romney highlighted by turning around the Salt Lake City Olympic games and a successful stint as governor of Massachusetts. Giuliani instantly gained national attention for his leadership on and after 9/11, and his cool under pressure is a huge plus for a president. Furthermore, his years as NYC Mayor show him as a manager that gets things done, even when there may be political consequences.

I have wrote to the campaigns of Romney and Giuliani to try and obtain there position on the Internet legislation that was tucked into the Port Security Bill last year. When I receive answers, will post them.

I'm off to Atlantic City today for the "WSOP Warmup" series of tourneys going on @ Harrahs. I'll be playing a 1k and a 2k buyin, GL me.

I final tabled the small field (80 players) Stars 200 Horse yesterday for the second week in a row. Once again, I wasn't able to take it down, but I did improve on my 7th from last week, this time finishing 3rd. I had another repeat this Sunday, finishing one table away from a major final table for the second straight week. Last week's 11th place finish in the Full Tilt 400K, was followed up by a 14th in the Bodog 100K this week. Quite disappointing to say the least.


Blogger Adam said...


I noticed you said that, "As a social moderate/small government proponent/keep taxes low etc. person, naturally a Republican candidate will be closer to my positions." I generally agree with the world views you put in this blog, but do you really still believe this about republicans? If anything they have become very socially conservative/ big government and more intrusive in our lives (NSA wiretapping, Patriot Act, Gambling legislation). The only thing they do is cut taxes, which is probably to our detriment at this point. I guess my point is, I think you need a new horse in this race. Thanks, and appreciate any response.

11:13 AM  
Blogger blackeleven said...


YOu should consider putting your considerable influence behind the candidate Ron Paul. For one, he is against any type of legislation regarding the internet. In the past his opponents have tried categorizing Rep. Ron Paul as pro-porn pro-online gambling.

1:26 AM  
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