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Sunday, May 14, 2006

WPT Mirage

10K tourney starts today. I won my way into this through full tilt's $200 winner's choice tourney. As part of the prize, they let u have "dinner with pros", which was scheduled for last night. However, (believe it or not, I know it must be shocking...) I wanted to play online, so I skipped the dinner (where I wouldn't have eaten anyway- it obv. was not at a kosher restaurant) and decided played in 2 100R's, 2 100's and 1 150 (which was the only one i cashed). Came into the ft with tiny chip lead, but after I had ak, raised triple the blinds, got reraised, and then pushed all in (there were many short stacks, thought he would def. consider folding to move up). Well, the guy had aa, so he wasn't going anywhere, and then I slowly lost a couple of more chips till I went out in 6 or 7 (or 8).

I don't really know much about the structure today, but I'm assuming its relatively deepstacked. Obviously in these deepstacks, there is no pressure to play hands early, and in theory you can preety easily "chill" and make it into day 2. However, once the later days come around, u obv. need chips, and by that time, most of the weaker players have been eliminated, making it very difficult to accumulate. I don't have any game plan per-se, but i'm definately going to try and find the weaker $ at my table early, and give myself a legitimate chance at getting it.

I hope to provide a "tourney report" at the end of the day. Wish me luck.

Edit: Supposedly, pokerwire will be tracking all the full tilt qualifiers.


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