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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thank You

all for the congrats wishes. An interesting observation with help from a post by bel0wab0ve. He talks about Paradise's 9% rake on buyin, rebuys and addon and contrasts it with the industry standard- only taking rake from initial buyin. Basically, if my win last night had taken place on Stars rather than paradise, I would have won an extra $1800. On the other hand the Bodog tourney I won, gave me an extra $1800 because of their overlay. Which business model do you think will survive best going forward? I sincerely hope (and think) that providing better value is the long term way to go, and it is one of the many reasons I plug Bodog so hard. (They provide me with no direct compensation-of course, as long as they keep their pokerroom open, and provide the value that they do, well, that is plenty compensation for me.

After talking with tiltyjoker and other players, and thinking about it for a while, I've decided to cut down on the # of tables I play at one time. (Micheal1123's (an amazing player, who doensn't play as much as most ranked players, but has some incredible results) post that he never plays more than 3 tables at a time also contributed.) Therefore, I'll now have more choices on what tourney's I want to play. Up till now, I just register for them all, and worry about it when they pop up. I will do my best to limit my play on Dise, until they fix their ridiculous rake charges. I mean, there are sites now with 0 rake, 9% on everything is just way too much.

Something wrong with the landlord's ISP, so they are coming today to fix it, which means I'll be out of commision again for the afternoon session. I won't complain if I simply match yesterday's output. (Of course, that will put me in a rough situation, where I might have to consider playing less to make more- an idea championed by my father and Brsavage among others.)


Blogger Circpsycho said...

I am a big fan of yours. And I should also say that I am almost twice your age. Really think that you have a very bright future even if you gave up poker today. You seem to be a fantastic human, nevermind your poker brilliance. I am a late starter in poker but trying to learn from you guys. Keep it up and let me know when you start giving free lessons. LOL.

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