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Monday, May 08, 2006


an okay day, and although I don't keep records (which is about to change, hopefully, although, I've said that a couple dozen times already) I'm preety sure I was up for the day. And yet, the day ends in fustration. There is just so much losing in poker, its still hard to get used to. But, I know I have to, and as hard as it is, slowly... At least, I'm doing well in general.

I leave on Friday morn to Vegas, and the tourney I'm playing starts Sunday. I'm hoping I can win a few decent sized tournies this week, so that I can go into the live tourney on a little bit of a run. It would also be fun to get a drunk old guy to double me up in the first level.


Blogger shufflee said...

Thanks for posts like this... It reminds me that, yes, Although we may be playing great poker and even is getting cards, it is not at all given well we will win or even ft...
But accepting loosing is so hard to swallow.

Your blog helps me put my poker in to reality, seeing how many tournys you play in every day, and the gap sometimes between ft/win vs # events played. Can't always except to cash let alone win.. Right?

11:28 AM  

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