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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Different Styles

Poker can be done in a succesful aka: profitable manner using many different styles. Mostly, people assume that the tight approach is best, and for alot of people, and more importantly against alot of people it is.

However, once you start playing against thinking opponents, you are more free to implement any style you choose. People have pointed out plays by me when I was in one of my hyper aggresive modes. (Thereby my opponents having weaker requirements to raise me) and made some questionable plays.

Today I saw an amazing hand that will make me look much more like the tighter player that I am.

It gets folded to PokerHo in late position and he makes a raise about 3-4 X BB, the BB Tmay flat calls. The flop comes out 762, and tmay check raises Ho's continuation bet. Ho immediately goes all in, and tmay eventually calls after a delay and shows 1010. HO has q8, and somehow catches a q on the turn. The point is that PokerHo, who has an extremely successful track record, made a play that most of us would consider poor, and yet that his style, and it works. The more open minded I can be to taking a little from everyone and be able to shift gears from very tight to "PokerHO" obviously, that will make a better poker player.

Finished 3rd in the 50R earlier. Had a huge stack in the Party super approaching the bubble and got 2 outed on a monster pot, and yesterday also bubbled party super, (Wed-Limit). Flying out to vegas tommorow morning so the 100R on Dise is probably my last for a bit. Sitting 13/26.


Blogger RunThatGame said...

hey ari, i am a big fan. Would you be interested in doing me the favor of trading me some Full Tilt money for Bodog money? My credit card wont let me deposit on FT. thanks.

7:44 AM  
Blogger yesTHOMASyes! said...

how are ya mate??
great to read your doing v.well. gl with it all.
hope to seee u summer!

4:03 AM  

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