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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bad Game me

So everything is going all nice, and then I get KK in mid position with one limper right before I acted, blinds are 100-200, and I make it 800 to go. Shulman calls from the button as does the limper. Flop comes 1064 (2 diamonds) and it goes, check, bet 2K by me, button call, and limper folds. Turn is a black 5, and I bet 3600, and get raised 5K more (he has 5K left). I think for a while, and I'm so confident that he didn't flop a set, combined with "push over" factor, I think I have the best hand, so I go all in. Well, I'm drawing dead w/ 78, overplayed my big pair, big rookie mistake.

I'm left 7K, work my way up to 9K, and an early position guy makes it 600 (same blinds), I have a read on him that he is weak, and I have 99 on the button, so I make it 1800. Chip in the BB thinks for a bit, jokes around and then goes all in. The early position autofolds, and I'm left with a tough decision for the rest of my chips. Don't know exactly how/why I decided to call, but he flips over ak sooted, and I'm slightly ahead till an ace comes on the flop. Always next time.


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Just to let you know, I really enjoy your blog. Good stuff, and I also enjoy reading your thought processes during poker hands.

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