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Sunday, May 21, 2006

It doesn't get too much worse than this

This guy disgusts me: Chomsky


Blogger Rod said...

If I ever get famous, will they call me by the adjectives they love to use to describe me too?

The wonderful, tall intellectual commented that AK off suit early on in the touranment is something you shouldn't feel bad about mucking to a more than four times the big blinds raise. The wonderful, tall intellectual also suggested playing tight in the early stages of tournaments.

9:06 PM  
Blogger cLiterati said...

Do you actually know much about Chomsky or are you basing everything on this article/excerpt? Why would you hate him? He's a brilliant man and a unflinching humanitarian.

I'm not going to say anything more here, as I don't know where you are coming from.

2:58 PM  
Blogger cLiterati said...

oh, I realize how you see him now. it's all very complicated obviously.

both Israel and many Palestinian groups have murdered innocents on both sides; certainly this is wrong on both accounts. But I hope you see both sides, knowing the history of Israel, and realizing it was basically placed there by the UN (amidst Palestine) in 1948, and achieved sovereignty in the Arab-Israeli War only through the help and Might of the West. Neither I nor Chomsky think that Israel should not be there-- on the contrary: Chomsky "considers himself a Zionist in the traditional sense, previously supported a one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict but now supports a two state solution"... But certainly the hostility on both sides makes perfect sense given this history, though, as stated, not justified in either case (killing never can be, in my opinion.) So please don't think that Chomsky is anti-Semitic; many right wing groups try to spin him this way to discredit his more radical ideas (as they did when he defended a German scholar who wrote a book claiming that the Holocaust never occurred. Without question this notion is deplorable (and Chomsky himself was the first to admit that it offended him greatly), but he defended this book on the grounds of free speech at any cost. The German crazyman is entitled to his opinions, entitled to be heard, and Chomsky defends him (and everyone) on this ground because he thinks that banning speech and writing of any kind, even the most absurd, can lead to an unfortunate place. Of course all of this was basically spun in the media as "chomsky defends belief that Holocaust never occurred."...which sounds rather different. ...Just as he is called anti-Semitic because he disagrees with many of Israel's policies. Very different things.) ....getting off topic here... Terrorism, by definition, is simply the use of terror: "violence committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demand." Chomsky argues that the United States, when we invaded invaded East Timor, for example, committed an act of terrorism, just as the perpetrators of 9/11 did when the flew into the twin-towers. He makes no distinction between countries, groups, and is very careful to look closely at the real motives behind actions.

I am certain that Stephen Colbert (the man himself, not the right wing pundit he satirizes on his show) respects Mr. Chomsky and his ideas, as do many many other sensible people. He isn't a crazy. He fights for peace, freedom, and Truth. (There is a good documentary on him that expresses his idea of "manufacturing consent" which is very interesting, if nothing else. It explains why people and the media have gone out of their way to marginalize and discredit people whose ideas differ from the standard.) If you happen to be a "right wing" kind of person and think the United States has always acted for the noble good of all of mankind, then yes, Chomsky may seem like a nut. But again, two ways of looking. I just hope at some point he won't "disgust" you, because he is far too important to dismiss like that. (Likewise, you're to smart to dismiss him so steadfastly.)

if you are interested in giving him another chance (or interested in politics and thinking in general) there is a great video on youtube you can watch that shows Chomsky debating with William F. Buckley. he's not crazy, not loony, not saying horrible things. it can be found here:

part 1:
part 2:

please find time to watch (very relevant for today's times), but I understand if you don't care to. I promise it will make you think, at the least.

Anyway, I know you probably don't want your blog filled up with stuff like this -- so don't worry, I'm done rambling. Just had to defend someone I admire.


8:45 PM  
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