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Friday, March 31, 2006


Nsxt2 had a post the other day joking that the rankings should just be alphabetical.

This led me to thinking, and although I don't really think that alphabetical is a good idea, clearly, there is not much difference between the top ranked players and the bottom ones. All are extremely sick at MTT play. Having players like LXIXME17 (74), lovekayloo(65), adamoos (70), PMJackson21(68) at your table, is just absolutely not something that is +ev, and clearly something that u wanna avoid if you're plans involve going deep in that tourney. In my mind any of those players could also be ranked top 10, and it'd be preety hard to argue. That basically goes for the whole list. Of course, Bax has put up better numbers than all, but the issue here, is that everyone is very good, and be wary of em all. The # next to a person in the ranking really does not say much about their quality of play.


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