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Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday Recap

Had a solid night last night at the omaha hi lo tables, playing 10-20 pot limit, and 75-150 fixed. I've tweaked my limit game a little, and so far liking the results.

Tourney results yesterday were weak, but if u read this often, u'll hear me say alot, tourney play is a game of failure. If u gonna be a full time tourney player (for that matter, any poker, but more so in tourneys) get used to everything. I'm not saying I try to get knocked out, or that I don't care at all if I do, but those seem to me to be good goals. If u look at the top pro's in the world, most of them (certain helmouth's excluded) don't mind losing.

Then move "up" one level, and u get to the pokerho's of the world. PokerHo is someone u just don't want at your table. He'll play anything and everything, and is more than willing to bust. Basically, if u don't see him in the bottom left of your screen on UB (the part that indicates top 3 in chips) he is out of the tourney. If he is there, GG field. He will take huge risks to build up a stack, and then when he gets there, he doesn't stop, always going for 1st, and many times making it. (Of course, many times busting early too, and that is my point.)

Let's say i play 20 tourneys a day, if i tried to "cash" in half of them, I probably could on average, I'd have better "in the money" stats, but less money. Basically one first equals about 25 tenth's. So take those risks, embrace getting knocked out, and then when u finally make it, you'll be in great position to take first. (or at least a top 3 spot)


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