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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Late Start

An old friend from high school came into NY today from Chicago, so i skipped poker to hang out with him.

I'm starting off the day with some 5-10 pot limit omaha h/l and the 10R on Stars.

Wow, as I'm writing this, I just doubled up. I get dealt Ac 4c 3c 8d in the small blind playing 5 handed, under the gun bets pot, and there are 2 callers to me, so i throw in an extra $30 to see a flop, as does the big blind. Flop comes out, 5d 8s 4s, giving me top and bottom pair for high, and the 2nd best low with a3. I check, BB checks, the original raiser, who was tiny stacked, goes all in for less than the pot, one of the late position players calls, and i do too, even though i don't love my hand. The turn is GREAT, 2c, giving me a straight (although not the nut straight, or even close) and the nut low. I figure, there is no side pot, i'll check and hope he bets, and if he doesn't there aren't really that many cards that can hurt me. The river is 8c, giving me now a full house for high, along with my nut low. I make a healthy bet now, hoping he might call with anything decent for either high or low. He proceeds to raise me allin, and I happily quick call, to see his 22xx, for a lower full house than me. I scoop the $2536 pot. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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