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I'm Ari Engel and am also known as BodogAri online. I've played poker for a living for virtually my entire post-college life. In the last few years I have started teaching people my style and philosophy on poker tournaments. Many of them have done very well. If you are interested in getting my help, email:

Thursday, July 13, 2006


to online player Pokertrip/Reactrix aka Jon Friedberg who won his first bracelet taking down event #17 @ the WSOP for over $526K. He came into the final table 8 of 9 in chips and obviously dominated. Sick!

People have been predicting that this will be the year of the internet player, but the truth is that this has been the year of the pros. It's just that your average "online pro" is basically just as good as your average live pro, and in alot of cases not nearly as rusty. Say what you want, but the game has changed dramatically, and you can see it in some of the results of these live "pros". And the people that have the most experience playing the new style of playing are succeeding whether they are internet players or not.

On the random WSOP commentary note, Carlos Mortensen has 3 top 10 finishes already. Damn impressive.

Played in the 200 Stud hi lo and 500 NL holdem at the Orleans Open, and busted early in both. But been having tremendous success online, so I'm just chalking it up to lack of attempts. I've gone 35 times in a row online before without cashing, and had 12 separate streaks of 15 or more tourneys out of the money. (Those numbers are just from Stars Multi-Tables, and come from, where I pay for the enhanced version) So I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, and I'm fairly confident things will work out in the long run. Getting hung up in short term results is something I used to do when I started, but imo is just dumb, too many ups and downs in poker to get too caught up in the moment.


Blogger Stephen said...


I totally agree with you about looking at the long term VS the short term when it comes to results.

It is very easy to blind yourself with a MONSTER week and then go 10 to 20 events/tourneys without any significant results.

GL with everything and I'll be out Aug. 3rd to hang out and talk some poker.


3:19 AM  
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