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I'm Ari Engel and am also known as BodogAri online. I've played poker for a living for virtually my entire post-college life. In the last few years I have started teaching people my style and philosophy on poker tournaments. Many of them have done very well. If you are interested in getting my help, email:

Monday, July 10, 2006


in the 1K today early, and never really had much going. The highlight of the day was sitting next to Colson10, who played very well/aggresive early, and picked up about 1/3 of the pots w/o a showdown. He ran his JJ into QQ and busted shortly before I did. My story was a lack of good situations, and although I tried to play aggresively to make up for it, I never really had a shot, and busted shortly before the first break, when my k6 hh couldn't outdraw aq, even with a 2 heart flop.
Been playing well in general, so I have no complaints, although I certainly wouldn't mind winning a bracelet one of these days. Hopefully next time.


Blogger Tiltyjoker said...

best of luck Ari..... Those "low" buy in small stack tourneys must be a nightmare at the start if you dont pick up any hands.... Kinda reminds me of how the old Partypoker mtt's used to start out (but with even bigger blinds as wsop)....

8:44 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

Ha, 1/3 of the pots? No way. Nice to meet you, Ari. Good luck the rest of the way.


1:20 AM  
Blogger Lovehate said...

How do you remain upbeat when it's been quite a while since a win...?

3:05 AM  
Blogger Ben H said...

he won the 30r on party today.

6:41 AM  
Blogger DAWG said...

and 2nd in the 100+9 for ~5k. F the haters

8:21 AM  
Blogger BodogAri said...

Since I have arrived @ the Bodog house in Las Vegas, I have been on one of the best runs in my life. Basically, everyday, I have been ft'ing a decent sized tourney. However, I have yet to have any very large scores recently, and yes, even with success in between, we are all playing for first, so that can get fustrating if u don't plan for it.

However, the nature of tourney play is such that I (any player) is gonna fail much more often than succeed, especially when looking at every tourney as winner take all. Learning to fail successfully (I know that sounds a little odd) is something I've been working on from day one in my game.

Colson, Good luck to u 2, and continued success.

8:58 AM  
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