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Monday, April 17, 2006

In such a bad run right now

that I'm really happy about ft'ing one of those small UB 100 tourneys. Sitting 1/4. These ones ussually pay 8 places, and i've finished 9 or 10'th about 3/4 times over the past week. Notg (Name of the game), but still can be quite fustrating.

Came to the Final table with an average stack, but won 2 big hands, both when i called an allin with the best hand after much thought in both cases, almost timed .

1. I have a2 spades, and i call a mini raise preflop in position. (everyone else folds). The flop comes a74 (rainbow), and i call a pot-sized bet. My opponent goes "auto" all-in on the turn, and after thinking forever, I didn't think he/she would do that with the AK or AQ that was being represented. I call, and hold against some sooted connector, that had flopped 1 pair.

2. I have 107 in the SB, and when it gets folded to me, i complete, and the bb checks. The flop comes 10 8 3 with 2 diamonds. I bet a little less than pot. Turn comes 9C, i bet again, bigger than last time, smaller than pot. River is an 8 (no D), and I check, he then proceeds to go allin, which was a considerable amount bigger than the pot. After almost running out of time. I call to see his a7, and scoop a large pot.

In theory, I made a good call in hand 2, but those sort of calls, have cost me alot too. I'm trying to hone my reading skills, so that i can make these calls, but not the fishie ones.

Edit: Finished 3rd, after losing a bunch of chips, on a couple of weak plays by me, and then, when i was 3rd in chips, but still healthy, i raise from the button with a standard raise (about 2.5 BB with ducks (22), given the UB structure and end of the tourney/high blinds). After the small blind goes all in and the BB folds, i think for a bit, and am preety convinced, I have the best hand at the moment. (Of course with 22, its always gonna be a coin flip, but i'll take it with chips in the pot, and the better end of the flip) He flips aq, and i'm all clear until a river q, gg me.


Blogger SHIPIT said...

I'm pretty sure you don't mean that 22 is ALWAYS a coin flip! I hate these small pairs for all in bets.. you are either about even money or dominated badly more then 4-1 against any pair.. Moneymaker did moves like this at stars to win his seat in the wsop (and continued them in the series.. but overall it's just not worth calling all in raises with 22-66 in my mind...If I can raise first ok, and hope to see flop cheaply and flop trips...But if I get put all in I'll have to decide if it's worth the risk of chips knowing I may be DOMINATED badly and at best even... PASS Wait for a better spot..

7:05 PM  
Blogger BodogAri said...

i def hear ya. Small pairs, are still a thing i'm considering in my play. I have started doing more stop and go's with them, rather than giving the 2 overs 5 cards to work with. The problem is that, u aren't really sure if they hit they hit the flop, and it is much more "comforting" to know u put your money in with the best hand.

I understand that small pairs are either 50-50 or absolutely smashed, buttttt, when they are ahead, I don't feel like I am a good enough player to simply give up those small edges. I'd rather take it for all it's worth. Best hand, is the best after all... to be continued at some later stage, but please comment, this is something that really needs to be debated...

9:18 PM  
Blogger SHIPIT said...

I knew you understood about small pairs being Dominated and that it's not always a coin flip..:<} When you have a good read on a guy.. But my point is this, If you are at a final table and look down and see 22-55, and no one has raised you can raise with them.. and even call a small raise..However if someone then comes over the top all in as they did to you, I hate my hand now..Even if I think I'm the slight Fav against AK or AQ, I may not be and that is the reason I WILL NOT CALL THAT RERAISE ALL IN..Even if you feel there's only a 25% chance he has the bigger pair and 75% chance he has overcards, you still are at a disadvantage...Now If you raise with them and get a caller you can go ahead and bet out(as I'm sure you do no matter what flops trying to represent unless it's a connected flop with higher cards...

Also in late position there's smoething to be said with going all in with them to win the blinds, but it would depend on how much I need them and my stack size against others and where I was in the tourney, but if you are called it will usually be by overcards and sometimes a bigger pair...
If you can BE the raiser, even a BIG raise you have a MUCH better shot of winning the pot. If they fold say 60% of the time and call 40% that more then makes up for the chance he has the overpair... I hope you now see why I said I HATE calling an all in bet with them...I also don't believe one should just see the flop and fold if they don't hit trips with small pairs..that's what many say but it's not always the correct play.. I just will NEVER call a Huge raise with them or a BIG RERAISE knowing I may be more then a 4-1 dog, and then I only have myself to blame...

5:30 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

The worst is when u have 22 vs A rag and the board makes 2 pair counterfitting you. I mostly fold these unless I can get in very cheaply.

5:59 AM  
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